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Personal Banking

Personal Banking

VISA Check/ATM Cards

A Clackamas County Bank Visa CheckCard is like an ATM card and check rolled into one. This card is convenient and easy to use. With the Visa CheckCard you have the freedom to ATMs around the continental United States. You can access your checking account funds anywhere that accepts VISA.

Additionally you can withdraw funds at any one of our 4 ATM locations at no cost. For .75 cents you can access your funds from any ATM machine where you see a Plus or Star symbol, or for only $3.25 per month you may make unlimited withdrawals.

For your security and fraud prevention, we are currently blocking card usage in the following countries:

Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Oman, Romania, Finland and Vietnam.

If you plan to travel or conduct business in any of these states or countries and use your CCB Visa CheckCard, contact us so that we can provide you with temporary access. 

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